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Студия Комиксов Vaes Okshn

Vaes Okshn

Comic studio

Let's Create Your Cartoon!

We are gang of Russian cartoonists. All of us live in Moscow and mental connection to the city make our comic artwork quite distant from traditional mainstream. 

Vaes Okshn specializes in custom comic strips, personal cartoons, one-of-a-kind comic cartoons and illustration for businesses and personal use. We also do unique comic strip for bloggers, advertisement and product packaging. 

Your custom Super Hero can be drawn from your photos. 

We drew dozens of custom cartoons for individuals and businesses alike, and we’re here to help you add humor energy to your next project.

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custom comic - love story


Personalized comic strip as a gift

Do you need a unique gift to mark a special occasion? Personalized comic strips are presents that will be cherished for a lifetime! Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, wedding, graduation, promotion, or retirement, a personalized comic strip will make them smile! Did you know that the traditional first wedding anniversary gift is “Paper?” The perfect time for a personalized, hand-drawn comic strip! And the crazy thing is – you don’t have to be a fan of comic books to appreciate comic books. As long as you love stories and creativity – you’re hooked

personalized comic book


Grease the wheels of your business by having Vaes Okshn Studios do custom cartoons for you

Grab your customers’ attention with eye-catching, novel designs. Make that personal connection between your customers and your brand in a way they won’t soon forget.
Add a splash of color and humor to your business website, presentation, newsletter or magazine. It’s tough to run and operate a business, why not add a bit of levity to your serious publication and presentation? No more watching a conference room full of people nodding off to your PowerPoint! Keep them awake with a comic book that tells them what the company achieved in the last year and what exciting developments are on the horizon.
comic for office communication

Cartoons, comics, and illustrations. Made to order.

custom comic strip
hand-drawn cartoon comic. Cover page.
hand-drawn cartoon
hand-drawn comic
custom cartoon comic
custom comic
Personalized cartoon comic. Wedding gift.
Personalized cartoon. Top gear story.
blog comic strip
blog cartoon comic
blog comic strip
Custom cartoon. Football team.
custom comic strip as a gift
Комикс в подарок на день рождения. Обложка "Малюнок Казка".
blog comic
business cartoon comic
blog cartoon
blog comic

Let's Create Your Cartoon!

Please fill out the form below, and I'll get right back to you about your cartoon project.

Thank you!

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